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Leslie M. Rollins

I was a fabulous baby. I could tell stories well into the night, pop a bottle, burp, and spin yarns until my diapers needed changing. Sure, I cried. I liked being held; who doesn’t? Anyway, I told of a boy in peril, not unlike my future brother running from my fists. I told of an angry lady with a gun. Gripping the bars of my crib, legs in a shaky stance, I’d bounce to the music of the 1960s—though, technically, it was still the 1950s. I knew the world was coming, my gurgles infused with meaning, ideas piled up until a good thump on the back sent them hurling between the covers of the books offered here. Bring a towel. Have a look.

By Leslie M. Rollins

The Man Dance

A Novel

George Carveth: incredibly good-looking with a dazzling talent for dance, living in London in the ’60s. What could be better? American couple, Jack and Jill Stuart, bring him a chance at stardom and at love. But George discovered his dark side when he was too young. Torn between his past and his sanity, George must fight for balance and love.

It was in his tenth year when everything was taken away that George Carveth realized he’d actually been happy for most of his life. On a cloudy November Saturday, with the remains of Bonfire Night scorched on the ridge, the house telephone rang like an alarm.

Until then, home had been a crowded house on a hill, a run from the school. A climb from the village. There had been a day last summer in 1955 when George flooded with a sense of fortune, the sea a jeweled expanse, the billowing land salted with houses. He’d seen an opposite life in newsreels—gray cities where children huddled in damp rooms with empty bellies. The war had stopped a year before his birth. No air raid siren ever sounded.

Dad whistled on that summer day, a typical Saturday for the Carveth clan with the uncles bringing out the bicycles.

– The Man Dance

By Leslie M. Rollins

Good-Time Girl

A Novel

Leah hates thong underwear as much as she hates being middle-aged and fighting to stay relevant in her job. What freedom when she unexpectedly purchases a gun. It’s enough to make her consider an act of terrorism at a certain lingerie store. Though she may need the help of her “he-moll,” the handsome 22-year old across the street.

Her shrink wants to help her, her mother wants her to get married, the neighborhood dope dealer wants to bed her and the girl across the street wants revenge for stealing her boyfriend.

But Leah and her gun have a different path to follow. Will her acts of rebellion cost her everything she’s gained in her life?


In this romantic adventure, the heroine learns to leave the past behind, channel her righteous anger, and take charge of her life.

At almost 50, Leah Mason is art director at a marketing firm, single, in love with her two dogs, and heavy into therapy. When she impulsively buys a gun, her whole life changes. Suddenly she feels empowered enough to act on her impulses. Only when the police arrive on her doorstep does she finally begin to realize the extent of her misdeeds— and the pain and suffering she has caused her boy toy and others as she tries to out-run middle age.

A generally breezy read… Leah is a likeable heroine, and readers will sympathize with her plight. 

Blue Ink REview


I had my first ever “Law & Order” moment. You know… the arrest at the bottom of the hour?


Cuffs. Miranda rights. My usually docile Labradors turned into Cerberus behind my hastily closed kitchen door, their confinement being “an order” from a pair of nervous, threatened cops, who are not unlike nervous, threatened dogs.

Outside, the neighborhood comes alive! Imagine the diversion of a cop car pulling in. Officers badged and holstered pound the door of an end-unit townhouse. Even better, they drag out the short, snarly white bitch who lives there—me.

Upon my departure, neighbors swarm like hens to feed…

– Good-time Girl

[The Man Dance] is a bold story, rich in detail, with wonderful images and writing… The main character is deeply drawn, vivid, and the reader cares about him.

Ginny Fite, Author

The Detective Sam Lagarde mysteries and No End of Bad

[Good-time Girl] is laugh out loud funny.

Solveig Eggerz, Author

Seal Woman
Funny and fun to read… an inspired piece of work.

David O. Stewart, author

The Lincoln Deception

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